Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Red River Valley Retrievers

January 21, 2016 my whole life was turned around. We adopted a light colored Golden Retriever, named Sam, and he has been the light of my families life ever since. My baby just turned one on December 4th and he is now as big as a horse! I have taught him a few simple tricks like sit, stay, lay down, but my favorite one is when I tap his tummy, he jumps and puts his paws on my shoulders. He is almost as tall as me standing on his hind legs. He has easily made his way into our family and is spoiled rotten. We love him to death and I know our stray dog, Murry likes the company too. His nickname is Ding-Dong because he is a smart dog, but can be very, what's the word, DUMB sometimes. But he is my baby and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


I have been super happy lately because after coming home from Walt Disney World, we got Sam. I've had Sam for about two weeks now. He is a 3 month old Golden Retriever. After begging my parents for a year, they finally gave in. Now since we've had him for awhile, they both love him to death and spoil him with multiply treats a day. When we first brought him home, Murry, my other dog and Sam were a little shaky. Murry was really protective of us and growled at him a lot, but now they love each other and are always playing. I slept on the couch the first few nights because when we put Sam in the crate he wouldn't stop crying and barking, but now that we have gotten him a little more use to it he is doing better. I walk him outside without a leash now because he stays by me and knows where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and do his business. I love them both so much and am super relieved that they like each other and play together.

Monday, February 6, 2017


I have an update on the Golden Retriever puppies. Today was my dad's birthday, he's 40 by the way, and we have been wanting a puppy for awhile now. We have looked at Bernese Mountain and Golden Retrievers, but they were ridiculously over priced.  We finally found these Golden Retrievers that are near us and are reasonably priced. My mom hasn't been on the same page as us because she knows that she is going to be taking care of him during the day while we're at school. But she was saying the other day that dad gets one thing for his birthday and he picked a puppy.
He had told the people that have the puppies to start calling him by the name of Sam. I'm super excited! We get him on the 24th of this month. My dad and I have been looking on line for a crate, toys, and treats. We have also been looking at how to train him. We have a dog but he is so lazy and does what he wants. I am really hoping to train him to shake and roll over and cool stuff like that. We are going to have to set some ground rules because we are always feeding my dog, but who can resist the puppy eyes. Anyway I am super excited and can't wait to get him. If you have tips on training puppies please comment below.



Friday, February 3, 2017

Essay Contest

A few weeks ago my teacher had called me and told me that I had won first place in an essay contest. It was on "Why It's Important to Vote." I wasn't expecting the call because I didn't try very hard on this and we wrote it a few months ago. Normally I would be the one to win all of the coloring contests, but this time I won an essay contest. The other day was the banquet. I was really nervous because I had to read my essay in front of 120 people, but it seems that I always do better under pressure. One good thing though is that they had a really good dinner. They had beef tips, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, a dinner roll, and of course dessert. I was really proud of myself because I had won $75 for winning first place. If you are wondering what I am going to spend it on, it's a puppy. I have been adding to my savings for a while now and my dad and I found this adorable Golden Retriever. 😏                  


Friday, January 20, 2017

Memory Moments

I am super relieved that it is Friday today. It has been a long week, it was the first week that we had school for five days since Christmas break. Today would have been the day that we get our Bernese Mountain puppy, but we decided to wait and see how things go for a little while. I think that it would be fun to have a puppy in the summer when he is potty trained because then you don't have to take him out in the cold winter. But, it would be hard to take care of a puppy that needs hourly attention. Yes I do have a dog named Murry, but he is one of those dogs that you have to carry him out of his bed to let him outside or play with him, he is sooooo lazy. I love him to death. 
I remember looking at the Bernese Mountain dogs with my dad on line. We would sit there for hours just looking for the perfect name. We had our hopes up really high, my dad even started e-mailing the owners, but mom finally talked some sense into us. She knew that she was going to be the one who had to walk him and play with him while we were busy at school. I am looking forward to possibly getting another dog in the future, but I think we made the right decision for now. 

Monday, January 9, 2017


I don't know if I mentioned in one of my first blogs, but another on of my hobbies is art. I do a lot of painting sketching, and sewing. This last weekend I did a lot of painting. I painted a picture for each my grandma and grandpa. I wanted to try and finish them before we went to there house for Christmas. We did a late Christmas because my grandma was sick, but when she opened her painting she loved it. I felt that they both liked them because they had a lot of personal touch that I can joke about just between us.
 I started doing art, well when I was in school, but I have had a lot of inspiration around me. My grandpa and dad are very artistic. A few years ago I had found one of my dad's sketch pads and they where the best things in the world. Another thing is just walking into my grandpa's workshop, he is always finding new crafts and stuff like that especially around holidays. They have both helped me so much in this subject, meaning when I show my dad one of my paintings he will critique it and show me other cool things that can make it better.
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 I think I talked about living in a restaurant before,but just in case you forgot. One of our waitresses used to own a store, but now she just sells little things here and there. She has helped me especially with sewing. Sometimes I go over to her house and she helps me with crafts.I think it is really fun to have people in your life that share the same hobbies as you, not only to do that, but also getting closer in friendship.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Super cute!!

This post is going to be super short, but I couldn't resist to share these funny and adorable pictures with you.

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